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Friday, January 15, 2016

Numbers 125 - 101, "Jesus, etc."

So what's the point of it all? In an age when everything is fragmented and personalised to the nth degree, what's the point of trying to maintain a pantheon, a heirarchy, a 'Top Forty' anything?

We're all going to have umpteen variants of this same pantheon. What I've done here, in spite of the professed objectivity of my method, is produce a list that is irredeemably my own, and unavoidably incomplete. I can't have heard every song that would conceivably qualify for this last, and where that mightn't have mattered doing this for the eighties or nineties because the candidates at least for the upper echelons would be pretty incontrovertible.

But THE noughties artist? I laugh a little under my breath when I hear people debating Foals v Muse v ColdPlay v Franz Ferdinand. Most of these artists don't make this chart. By virtue of not being good enough to even be candidates. So the Pantheon, if it even vaguely exists is completely in dispute and completely individualised. Radiohead would probably be as close to a universal nomination as you could go.

And as we've seen, this process leads directly to a shifting in locus for any Pantheon from the trans-generic realm of "pop/rock" into the specifically genre-based R&B/club arena. So in this list we do hear quite a bit from Beyonce and Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Kanye. Heck, I've even got the Sugababes in this installment.

The Sugababes - Lineup #638,742
Because you certainly earn credit in this reviewer's accounts for taking YOUR form, ANY form, no matter now hackneyed, outdated or conservative, and re-working that form to its artistic acme. Music today has a far broader and more significant social function than when the classical composers built its original pantheon.

As we've seen, the idea that music might be able to change the world in some monolithic manner might be dead, but our belief that developing new ways of seeing the world, of "innovating" (pardon me, I'm trying to be zeitgeisty) our entire outlook being central to humanity's future dies much harder.

And so I'll keep pumping this out, for it maps something far more significant and more resonant than an agreeable collection of sounds. It's the heartbeat of the ages.

125.Dear Catastrophe WaitressBelle and SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress (2003)
124.Rej ÂmeRej (2006)
123.Fuck the PoorSelfish CuntNo Wicked Heart Shall Prosper (2004)
122.I Want To Die In The Hot SummerI Love You But I've Chosen DarknessI Love You But I've Chosen Darkness [EP] (2003)
121.Jesus, Etc.WilcoFrom the Beginning (2007)
120.My Little BrotherArt BrutBang Bang Rock & Roll (2005)
119.CruiserRed House PaintersOld Ramon (2001)
118.Fix Up, Look SharpDizzee RascalBoy In Da Corner ()
117.Bloody Mother Fucking AssholeMartha WainwrightMartha Wainwright (2005)
116.Young FolksPeter Bjorn and JohnWriter's Block (2006)
115.Jerk It OutThe Caesars39 Minutes Of Bliss (2003)
114.Seven Nation ArmyThe White StripesElephant (2003)
113.Decent Days And NightsThe FutureheadsBurnout 3 : Takedown (2004)
112.Daft Punk Is Playing At My HouseLCD SoundsystemLCD Soundsystem [Disc 1] (2005)
111.Heartbeat And SailsAugie MarchSunset Studies (2001)
110.Slow HandsInterpolAntics (2004)
109.Follow The Cops Back HomePlaceboMeds (2006)
108.Black RainbowSt. VincentActor (2009)
107.Eli, The Barrow BoyThe DecemberistsPicaresque (2005)
106.Two WeeksGrizzly BearVeckatimest (2009)
105.No OneAlicia KeysAs I Am (2007)
104.Feel Good Inc.GorillazDare (2005)
103.Scarlet FieldsThe HorrorsPrimary Colours (2009)
102.Push The ButtonSugababesChange (2000)
101.Waitin' For A SupermanThe Flaming LipsVOID [Video Overview In Deceleration] [Music] (2005)